A Better Process provides industry leading Process of Service, Court Filing, International Service of Process, Messenger and Document Retrieval, Mediation Services, Notary Services, and Investigations. Our Industry leading Service of Process, Skip Tracing, Affidavits, Military Affidavit, Due Diligence, Unknown Heirs, Foreclosure, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Court Filing, International Service of Process, Messenger Services, Document Retrieval, Mediation, Notary, Investigations, Marital Searches, Military Searches, Heir Searches, Probate Searches, Surveillance, Subpoena Service, Death Certificate Retrieval, Background Checks, Florida Accident Search, Lien and Bankruptcy Search, Insurance investigations cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Messenger & Document Retrieval

A Better Process doesn't just serve your documents.......  

In addition to our comprehensive legal services we also offer state wide Messenger and Document Retrieval services.  Our custom Services can help your firm get a comprehensive view of transfer files or provide the background to help you decide how to move forward with litigation.   Our extensive network of process servers have built long term relationships with court staff in each county to ensure that your documents can be retrieved accurately, in a timely fashion, and with a minimum of hassle.  Once we receive your documents from the court, all documents are scanned into our system and available for viewing and download from our secure customer web-portal. Additionally, we can also deliver hard copies or provide other services as needed to ensure your documents are delivered accurately and on time.

We also offer state wide Messenger and Courier Services....

A Better Process has partnered to create a statewide custom courier network that can help with special services when normal services such as FedEx or UPS schedules will not work because of client demands or compressed timelines.  We can offer same-day service, 4 hour express, or custom 911 express deliveries.

Contact us today at (888) 981-6436 to discuss your specific Messenger or Document Retrieval requirements.